Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Marisa Morones


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For this week’s classmate conversation, I interviewed the hilarious Marisa Morones, a sophomore who is studying exercise science to become a physical therapist.

I actually met Marisa during last week’s class and we instantly clicked; usually stepping out of your comfort zone and speaking to new people can be a little nerve racking but with Marisa, I felt like I was talking to an old friend!

Marisa is from Catalina Island but is currently living in her Los Angeles apartment alongside a couple of her friends from back home. We talked a lot about her life back home  because I was amazed – and still am – about the fact that she lives on an island. She talked to me about how life is really different back home than it is here in LA since it is so hard to get into and out of the island.

For example, I commented on how I loved her nails and asked if people get their nails done over at the island, to which she replied that no one really does since it is too much of a hassle and too expensive since Catalina Island is a tourist location after all. She mentioned that there are no colleges/universities and no cars- the biggest vehicle you can own is a golf cart and because of this we joked about our fear of driving since we both do not have that much experience driving.


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