Wk 5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


Mama Lisa Reclining with Bananas” 

For this week’s Art Experience, I had the help of my brother in creating what we call the “Mama Lisa Reclining with Bananas”.  Since the instructions were a bit vague, we decided to use that to our advantage and used a technique in which we would pick an object of interest, stare at it for 30 seconds and then, based off of memory, draw what we chose.  Conveniently, my mom was lounging on our red couch watching the news so we chose her as the subject.  In addition, since fruit/ bowls of fruit seem to be a reoccurring theme in stereotypical “artist’s paintings”, my brother suggested we draw a pair of bananas to add some artistic flare to it.

This project was frustrating at first since one of us would draw something really good and then the other would mess it up by dragging the crayon towards them therefore scribbling over the art underneath. As we progressed, however, that frustration turned into the realization that not everything has to be “perfect” for it to be enjoyable; the experience and the results were a lot more fun as we were creating them BECAUSE it was not perfect and I think it makes it more special to look at now. I think that because it didn’t quite turn out like what it was supposed to, explaining why it looks like my mom has three arms or the fact that our couch looks like a chicken nugget is much more enjoyable than having to explain why my mom looks exactly like how she was posed.



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