EC – LA Book Fair

This Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the LA Book Fair and it was an experience I definitely will not forget.  I had never visited the art district portion of Los Angeles and in my opinion, the environment itself was just as interesting as the art itself.

I was amazed by and loved how much individuality I saw as soon as we pulled up to the building; I remember being shocked to see a girl wearing funky colored, high-heeled converse shoes in the rain!

In regards to the art I saw, I was immediately drawn to a compilation  of works by George Herms titled The Sabian Exercise in which he made a drawing a day from April 1971 to April 1972 where he would draw something based on Sabian symbols.

The exhibition consisted of three, massive walls filled from floor to ceiling by these elaborate and gorgeous drawings.  The drawings were created by having “each day take the form of one symbol as a starting point, and having it expand upon it within each degree of the zodiac circle”; the concept of the project was meant to draw out the rhythm of each symbol through poetry.

When looking at this exhibition, it took me to a state of nirvana; it was so beautiful and immaculate that I spent almost an hour just reading and taking in each piece (the right drawing pictured above was my favorite).  To me, this exhibition alone made the whole trip worth it.


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