Wk 6 – Art Experience -Zines and Flipbooks


For this week’s art experience, I created a flip book based on the title of the famous children’s book “Goodnight Moon“.

I found this week’s activity slightly challenging since it involved a lot of sketching and planning; having to draw the same thing over and over again and have it look exactly the same every time is hard! Because I knew that I would have to draw whatever was in the first page of my flip book over and over, I felt very limited with what I could draw since I knew that it would be very difficult to finish my story if I drew something very elaborate.

With that being said, I feel like this project made me appreciate the art of animation so much more; I found myself having to act out the “jumping” motion that I utilized in this project just to get the motion right. Another thing that I found cool about this project is, since I decided to use the pastels we purchased for last week’s activity for my flip book’s cover and practiced blending the colors with my finger since I’m not too familiar with oil pastels, it encouraged me to experiment with different art materials. I am a film major and in one of my film classes this week we learned that many directors use oil pastels to create their story boards since they are quick, easily blended and can convey light better than any other medium so I just thought it was cool that with the help of this project I was able to be introduced to a new tool that will help me in my career in the future. 🙂


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