Wk9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Art




What I learned from this week’s Art Activity is that I definitely do not know how to follow instructions; I read the requirements for this activity (do bubble letters in 2 different colors) and created a sketch of what my design would look like on an index card about a week prior to today, but for some reason I found myself too aloof to remember all of that when I actually sat down to work on it.

FullSizeRender 2
my initial sketch on an index card

I did remember to use the two colors – a bright orange and a magenta- but used them for the background instead 😦 My letters were not bubble letters but they were “graffiti” letters that were inspired by an alphabet I found online.

This week’s activity I would have to say was the hardest to create just because of the hindrances that come with working 1. with spray paint and 2. outdoors. The day I did my assignment was unfortunately very windy so my paint kept blowing away before it could stain the cardboard, therefore making the paint look really patchy – and to top it off, my family decided to not only grill outside, but to let out my animals as well while I worked on my piece so combined, it was a very interesting experience.  At least now I can safely say that if I ever need to paint a portrait while karate-chopping the wildlife that’s around and dodge clouds of smoke, I will be able to do it with ease lol!

Nevertheless, I had fun…until I realized that I misspelled my name! FAIL! I was too busy getting creative with my “palm trees”, background and text to notice that I forgot the “K” in “JACKIE” and wrote my name as “JACIE“. After panicking a little bit, I decided to turn my “I” into a “K” and turn the spine of my “E” into an “I“; it looks a little off but it made me laugh enough to make me not be upset about it because, after all – *Jennifer Lopez voice* “I won’t stop ’till I get to the top, I’m still, I’m still JACKIE FROM THE BLOCK!!


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