Wk10 – Art Activity – The Wedge


In order to redesign “the wedge” by the USU, I not only tried to think of something that would 1. be effective, but 2. would also be cost effective and quick.  Instead of trying to get rid of the wedge completely and change the whole architectural structure of it, I decided that it would probably be best to instead have two members of ASI (represented in my designs by the two gray circles surrounded by two rectangles) set up two tables in the middle of the longer route during the times of the day with the most traffic (around 8:00 am – 3:00 pm) and hand out free candy – like Starburst pieces – in order to encourage students (represented by the gray squares) to not use the wedge as frequently and take the longer route. Ahhh, bribing at its finest 🙂

My design would improve the wedge since 1. it’s cost effective – I’m pretty sure a semester’s worth of individual Starburst pieces would cost less than having to hire someone to completely redo the design of the wedge, tear it down and build a structure based on a new floor plan, 2. it would create 3 new paths for people to take therefore improving the traffic flow and 3. it would spread a little joy around in the midst of all of the stress, lack of sleep and chaos occurring in the lives of EVERYONE, not just students. It would hopefully improve the mood of our campus and bring a little light to people’s lives because, even if you’re having a bad day, you know that if you walk by that route and take the longer route instead of the wedge, you will get some candy. This method would also keep the wedge intact for those people who feel emotionally connected to the wedge, because in reality, there’s nothing wrong with it. The wedge is only annoying because of the traffic it creates but without the traffic jams, it’s still an accessible route to get you from point A to point B.

One trade off I see happening would be on ASI’s behalf; I don’t think many people would volunteer to sit out there (even with a cold drink and an umbrella) for that long just to hand out candy because people have classes, homework, jobs, families and themselves to take care of. There is the option where maybe it’s not the same two people sitting there the whole day, everyday and they could instead rotate members so that each member only has to be out there for an hour, one day a week or something like that.

A couple other trade offs I could see occurring is more traffic due to the irresistibility of free stuff; you could have people who linger so that they can get more candy therefore creating a traffic jam, or a crowd forming, or people purposely abusing this and taking more candy than they need.  Although I have no solution for greedy people, I tried to prevent traffic jams from occurring by having two tables and two ASI members instead of one so that people could take PATH #2 or PATH #3 and get their candy quicker and avoid any traffic.

I feel like this is a “win- win” situation and can only see students talking positively about this change since there will be no more traffic jams and they get free stuff!!


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