Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @Artbywaters


Brittany Waters, a senior who is part of the ceramics department at Long Beach State University, unveiled her exhibition #MoreThanASandbox on April 5, 2017. The BFA exhibition was inspired by Brittany’s passion and desire to spread awareness on the crisis that is affecting the environment she loves so much.

The exhibition consisted of picture frames spread throughout two walls that depicted Instagram posts of the creation and use of Brittany’s ceramic turtles; the process of the exhibition’s creation was documented from start to finish, through the use of photographs, by displaying Brittany’s molding and painting of the clay, all the way to the assembling process of the gallery – in which she placed the life-like turtles in the gallery’s sand.  She also included palm trees, sand, a display of waves projected onto a wall and the sound of waves to provide the ambience one would experience whilst viewing real baby turtles in the wild.

The thought behind this exhibition was just as beautiful as the gallery itself; Brittany’s goal in embarking on this project was to make the public aware of the dangers humans pose to the environment.  She provided facts to back up her concerns such as stating that “in the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge…there are adolescent turtles resting in the warm waters hiding from predators until they mature to adulthood” and that “they cannot co-exist with the people who treat their beaches like a public sandbox”. She states that what she hopes people will take from the exhibition is that the tranquil beaches the Earth has provided us with are more than just a sandbox: they are a habitat for fragile creatures.


Brittany’s exhibition was so beautiful to me; I was really inspired by how much time, effort and love her gallery radiated.  I was really touched by the fact that she saw an  opportunity to use her platform as more than just a way to display her work but instead used it to try and make a change in the world.  That kind of drive and belief that your art has power and can reach the multitude is one of my favorite things to see in an artist and that is why I chose Brittany Waters’ exhibition as my topic of discussion for this week.


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