Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Jacob Hogan


Artist: Jacob Hogan

Exhibition: Esoteric Murmurs

Media: Metals

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: yhfabrication.com

3Jacob Hogan’s BFA exhibition is a part of a project he has undergone in order to find his own style. His artwork, which has many “interior design” elements to it, is a manifestation of his exploration of design through the production of objects that can occupy our living spaces and/or enhance our bodies therefore allowing room for stylistic expression.


Hogan’s exhibition was made up by several distinct and aesthetically pleasing objects; his exhibit contained pieces that had mid-century modern qualities as well as some that had a mix between contemporary and rustic vibes. He projected his knowledge of metals and materials by combining all sorts of elements together; some of his pieces used brass, copper, aluminum, steel, nickel, resin and wood.

The gallery, that began as a product of personal exploration, is inspired by what Hogan describes as “esoteric murmurs” of the unique voices within generations. Hogan’s inspiration for the exhibition was fueled by his fascination with repetitive angles and curves.

4What made Jacob Hogan’s exhibition so interesting to me was that every single piece piqued my interest; as I gazed at his gorgeous works, I couldn’t help but notice what an incredible and truly talented craftsman he really is. I loved that no two pieces of his were the same, and they each had their own eccentricities that differentiated them from other things that I have seen in today’s market. For example, one of his items was of a honeycomb lamp and that, to me, is an ingenious way of putting a fun twist on the functionality of an object. As I walked through his gallery, I legitimately thought to myself, “I would actually purchase these items for a lot of money” because of how well made and beautiful they were, such as the untitled portrait pictured previously.

Lastly, another thing I enjoyed was Jacob himself; when I first walked into his exhibition, I searched for the paper most artist’s have in their galleries in which they detail their and their exhibition’s name as well as the materials used. I found it pinned all the way at the top of the ceiling and struggled to read it and thought “man, he is so rude! Why would he pin it all the way up there? I’m 5’2″ –  I can’t read this!”. A couple seconds later, a laugh came from the back of the room and he began telling me about how he had pinned it all the way up there so that people wouldn’t be able to find it since the same thing on the paper was already available, in big, black letters, on one of the walls. We laughed and joked around for a while about how several other students had come into the gallery and tried squinting and gazing at the paper to try and read it. Once I read his statement about why he does what he does, I was touched by how beautifully he described what he creates; he spoke about how he is “driven to create with my own hands as the ones that came before me” which I thought was a beautiful statement and truly reflected the passion he has for what he does.

His whole energy and vibe was really refreshing and he was extremely down to Earth; since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how one day, I would really love to work with him. As an aspiring filmmaker, I am constantly looking for really cool people to work with and his work is definitely something I would love to adorn one of my film sets (or even my home!) with. I have many production designer friends in the industry and I will definitely refer his work to them because that is how strongly I feel about it (I even made sure to take one of his business cards to ensure we collaborate sometime). You always hear people say that new talent could be just a door away and that is how I feel about his art ; I honestly believe Jacob will go far in his career as a craftsman.





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