Wk14 – Sketching In The Garden

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Sketching in the garden this week was definitely a good learning experience.

Before I get into what I liked and learned from the experience, I wanted to disclose the hindrances of the experience first just to get them out of the way; the only frustration I encountered with the activity was how hectic it was – any other challenge I faced as I sketched I took with a grain of salt and saw it more as a learning experience however, I’m not sure if there was a field trip (or a couple lol) underway that Wednesday but there seemed to be more crowds of children in the garden than there usually is. I think I would have enjoyed the experience a little more had there not been children pushing my arms or splashing me with water as I tried to sketch – note to self: DO NOT SIT NEXT TO THE EXTREMELY CUTE KOI FISH, THEIR IRRESISTIBILITY ATTRACTS MANY LOL . Needless to say, this was still a fruitful and fulfilling experience to say the least despite the slight hiccups 🙂

The greatest “challenge” I constantly ran into whilst sketching was my attempt to draw a static object that became no longer static a few moments later, such as the wildlife at the park.  Thankfully many of the sketches required no more than a couple minutes time so I could quickly sketch the subject, such as the fish or a butterfly, and then go based on memory from there if they moved during the final seconds of my sketch. The fact that Glenn suggested we draw what’s in front of us rather than go off of memory alone is why I found this part particularly difficult. It was a learning experience however because I kept waiting for the fish to be still so that I could draw them but I realized that the fish, and other little creatures in the garden, are just like life – there is never a right time to do things (aka. there was never going to be a right time to sketch the fish), life doesn’t wait, if you want something, you just have to do it!

FullSizeRenderThe next learning experience was the “no erasers” concept; we are so used to wanting everything to be perfect and exactly how we imagine it but the whole idea of embracing the imperfect really struck me since this is something I’ve made an effort to do in my personal life as well since I am a perfectionist and a little uptight sometimes 😦 It was cool to finally be able to look at a mistake I had made and to just go with the flow and embrace the mistakes… which is good because I made A LOT of them haha!

FullSizeRender 3

Lastly, I just really quickly wanted to explain my final sketch since people are probably looking at my paper thinking “what the heck is that on the bottom right corner”; it is what I like to call the “Wrath of Godzilla”…duh! For my final sketch, I chose to draw one of the cement sculptures in the Japanese Garden that reminded me of an ancient temple and when I saw it I thought “you know what goes together, temples and dragons” OBVIOUSLY. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create a 100% representational art piece because when you see a sculpture you immediately think “I HAVE to have a dragon next to it”, I mean doesn’t everyone? My dragon unfortunately came out looking more like a squirrel and I’m also not sure if Godzilla is a dragon or just a dinosaur but meh, close enough – at least I got the lizard part right in my wonderful masterpiece.


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